Deep Charcoal tins have discoloring on top side of the body. Is this normal?

These discolorations could happen in the process of stretching the tin plates, and they are not defective!

We had to add a touch of metallic grey on top of traditional black tins to get the unique color, and it is part of our normal manufacturing process.



I only received partial shipments. Where is the remaining?

To achieve efficiency in inventory distribution, not all products are shipped from the same location. Please give it a couple more days to arrive, or you can contact us for more detailed tracking information.


Do you have other colors coming soon?

Definitely! We are currently testing different color tins. We will notify you when they are close to be launched so stay tuned!

If there is any color you'd like us to add to the line, please let us know!

We LOVE ideas.


Do you accept wholesale price?

Yes, we have bulk tier volume discount as stated below. Make sure to apply one of the following discount codes at the check out!

5% OFF for over 5 cases


10% OFF for 10 cases and above



Do you offer free shipping?

You can also claim free standard shipping for any orders above $75, which takes about 5 - 7 business days.


Where can I get the eBook and free editable templates?

Please visit oliicraft.co/free and submit the form. Then email with freebie information will be automatically sent to the email entered. Please make sure to check the spam folder too!

If you still haven't received them, please contact us at support@oliicraft.co.


What is the wax weight for the fill-line?

6 oz of wax and fragrance oil combined fill up to the line.


 Is Olii Craft tin 100% discolor-proof coated?

While we use high quality varnish coating inside every tin, we can never guarantee 100% every case.

Candle wax can also be oxidized by fragrance oil, which could also cause discoloring inside the tins.

Some fragrance oil with high-vanillin content could still cause some discoloring inside, and it is every candle maker's responsibility to perform tests before making a large batch to prevent any significant loss.


Some of my tins are damaged... What should I do?

No matter how hard we try to minimize the chance of damaged products, it can still happen, and our customer support is always here to help!

Contact our customer support at support@oliicraft.co within three days from the receiving date. We will try to resolve the issue as soon as possible!


Is products listed on Amazon genuinely Olii Craft products?

Make sure to check the seller name. If it says sold by Olii Craft, it is genuinely our product :)